10m (33ft) Wide Inflatable Work Shelter

Fast Tent is a modular inflatable shelter system. Since it is self supporting, no framework is required so it can be quickly & easily relocated. The double walled construction provides excellent insulation and robust load bearing capability. Modules can be used standalone or joined together to create structures of any length.

  • Rapid deployment - ready to protect your project in minutes.
  • Strong - resistant to impact, withstands snow & wind loads.
  • Safe - no working at height required during setup or dismantle.
  • Simple & maintenance free design - no fiddly parts and components to lose.
  • Compact storage volume - Easy to transport & deploy.

With rapidly inflatable reinforced PVC ‘air beams’, our 8m (26ft) wide 'Fast Tent' inflates in just 2 minutes 45 seconds. 


Fast Tent is a 'turnkey' system, each module is supplied with two removable end walls. Fast Tent is ready to go straight out of the box. Just connect the fans to 110V or 240V power and switch on.

  • 5 metres (16ft) long x 10 metres (33ft) wide (each module).
  • Unit Weight - 271Kg (597lbs).
  • Total Weight - 291 Kg (809lbs). (Packed size 1.4m x 1.3m x 1.2m).
  • Constructed from heavy duty 630gsm flame retardant PVC.
  • 6 high level anchors + 4 mid level anchors + 12 ground level anchors each side of tent.
  • 2 runs of webbing loops internally at 2 metre intervals (for fixing lights etc).
  • 1 x 1.5hp fan.
  • 12 month (back to base) manufacture guarantee.
  • In stock for worldwide delivery.

Also included with your Fast Tent;

  • Transport bag.
  • High quality steel anchor stakes.
  • Repair kit.

For more information or to place an order; www.fasttentglobal.com, info@fasttentglobal.com, +44(0)1477 750777.

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