4m x 75m Industrial Shrink Wrap, 180 Micron, (Industrial / Marine Grade)

The baby of our shrink film range, this 4m wide x 75m long industrial shrink wrap roll is ideal for shrink wrapping smaller motor boats and RIBS etc to protect them during winter storage or road transport. The 4m wide film is folded down to a compact 1m width on the roll so it is easy to transport and store. Engineered to weld / join easily and shrink powerfully to create the signature 'drum tight' finish to the cover you are looking for. Although this size of wrap is typically used for marine shrink wrapping it can also be used to create shrink wrap covers for industrial equipment & machinery.

  • Dimensions: 4m wide x 75m long rolls (300 square metres per roll)
  • Thickness: 180 μm (180 microns)
  • Roll weight: 50Kg (Up to 16 rolls can be packed per pallet)
  • FREE delivery to UK Mainland Destinations for orders over £750

Need something a little larger? Our 180 micron thickness boat shrink wrap films are available in the following sizes; 4m x 75m, 5m x 60m, 6m x 50m, 8m x 35m, 10m x 30m, 12m x 25m

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