Shrink Wrap Contact Adhesive

Our contact adhesive is a non-flammable, contact aerosol adhesive. It's tack and high strength makes it ideal for many shrink wrapping applications. Rhino installation teams use contact adhesive to;

1: During no heat or flame less shrink wrapping projects, where it is not possible to use heat to join or bond shrink wrap sheeting, the shrink wrap sheeting is overlapped by around 30cm and the contact adhesive used to create a bonded joint.

2: During shrink wrap encapsulation projects where a final seal is required to brick or steel (such as during bridge shot blasting) the adhesive is used to bond the shrink wrap to the superstructure. However, it should be noted that upon removal it is likely that glue residue will remain.

  • Spray pattern - variable web
  • Tack time - 2 minutes
  • Shear Resistance - 150 pounds per square inch
  • Peel Adhesion - 12 pounds per linear inch
  • Ultra Low Odour
  • Non flammable adhesive with flammable propellant
  • Net weight - 16Kg
  • FREE DELIVERY to UK mainland destinations for orders over £250

Installation guide

Surfaces must be free from moisture, dirt, grease, oil, rust or other contaminants. Spray an even ‘web’ of adhesive to cover 80% - 100% of the surfaces. Do not wet the surface. Allow the adhesive to dry until entire coated area is still tacky but does not transfer to the touch. This normally occurs in 2-4 minutes at room temperature. Dry time is longer at high humidity, heavy coating or low temperature conditions and shorter when force dried using ovens, lamps etc. Extremely porous surfaces such as plywood and rough end grain will always require at least two coatings of adhesive.

An indication that sufficient adhesive has been applied is to look at reflected light off the coated dry surface.

For permanent results, spray both surfaces. For typical laminating applications a coating weight of 2.5-3.0 grams per square foot is recommended. Coated adhesives dry, under normal conditions, to a high gloss surface. If the coating does not have a high gloss, it is a strong indicator that insufficient adhesive has been applied to obtain a strong, permanent bond. It is advisable to make bonds as soon as the adhesive is dry. however, bonds made up to an hour after drying will be just as strong as those made immediately after drying. Position pieces carefully since a strong bond is made instantly upon contact. Use sufficient pressure to ensure complete mating of the substrates. 

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