Rhino Shrink Wrapping Torch

The Rhino Shrink Wrapping Torch kit is a cost effective heat gun system giving maximum power and durability for the professional shrink wrapper.

With a 180mm long neck, this tool is ideal for both detailed work such as welding joints on sheeting and for shrinking large areas of sheeting.

The Rhino Torch bundle is designed specifically for scaffold shrink wrapping and consists of:

  1. Heavy duty piezoelectric ignition.
  2. 180mm long neck with 70mm diameter burner - ideal for shrinking large areas of scaffold sheeting, including temporary roofs.
  3. 10m long hose.
  4. Regulator / hose failure valve.
  5. Welding gauntlets.

As with everything we supply at Rhino, this tool has been tried and tested by our own shrink wrap installation teams. We love the power and durability of this tool. Not sure which heat gun is best for you? Email our friendly team at info@rhinoshrinkwrap.com or call on +44 (0) 1477 532 222.

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