Adhesive Tape Buying Guide

Buying Tips

Shrink wrap tape, sometimes referred to as 'patch tape' is typically used for:
  • Repairing small holes in shrink wrap sheeting (such as might be caused when heat shrinking)
  • Taping along the edge of a join between two sheets of shrink wrap (such as on a shrink wrapped temporary roof cover)
  • Maintaining a seal around a protrusion through the sheeting (such as a scaffold tube)
  • Taping a zipped access door into position on the shrink wrap sheeting

To find a shrink wrap tape that is easy to work with, long lasting and helps to create jobs you can be proud of, check the following with your supplier;

  • Will the tape bond stick strongly to the shrink wrap, even when conditions are not ideal? - i.e. in low temperatures or if the shrink wrap film is damp. We find that a synthetic rubber adhesive works best.
  • Is the tape easy to tear by hand. A ‘pinked’ or serrated edge to the tape can help with this but is not 100% essential.
  • Is the tape UV stabilised? Shrink wrapping tapes generally are required to last for significant periods outdoors. If the tape does not contain Ultra Violet Inhibitor then over time sunlight will break down the adhesive and the tape will start to detach.

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