Zipper Access Doors (Box)

Zipper access doors allow you to gain easy access into a shrink wrapped area. Once closed, the door will maintain weather protection or containment of dust and contaminants. The 1.2m zipper door has an actual zipped opening 87cm high x 68cm wide. The 1.8m zipper door has an actual zipped opening 155cm high x 69cm wide.

  • We manufacture our zipper doors from a rugged 300 micron thick LDPE plastic film with added Ultra Violet Inhibitor for long term use outdoors.
  • Heavy duty nylon zipper teeth (No.10 size) to minimise chances of zip sticking.
  • Two metal zipper pulls on each side of the door (4 total) means that you can open the door quickly from both sides.
  • 1.8m doors supplied as a box containing 5 doors. 1.2m doors supplied as a box containing 8 doors.

To fit, simply tape the zipper door on to your finished shrink wrap cover using 100mm wide shrink wrapping tape. Watch a video of the installation process

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