Stanley FatMax Retractable Dual Blade Knife

The shrink wrapping knife is used for;

  • Cutting through multiple layers of shrink wrap (such as when cutting film from the roll)
  • Trimming excess shrink wrap before welding overlaps and joins between sheets.
  • Cutting openings in the shrinkwrap for zipped access doors etc.

The Stanley Fatmax Retractable Dual Blade Knife is our favourite knife for shrink wrapping. Heavy duty, chunky design, with a rubberised grip, it is easy to use whilst wearing gloves and is perfectly balanced.

The Fatmax has two blades - a regular straight stanley blade for cutting through multiple layers of scaffold shrink wrap film (such as cutting shrink wrap from a roll) plus a hooked blade which is ideal for cutting straight lines through a single thickness of sheeting. 

  • Twin retractable blades - 1 x straight, 1 x hooked
  • Spare blade compartment in handle (holds up to 5 blades)
  • Lanyard attachment point
  • Uses all standard 'stanley' type blades
  • FREE DELIVERY to UK mainland for all orders over £750

 Shrink Wrapping Knife - Buying Guide

There are many industrial knives on the market. However, these of features will make your scaffold shrink wrapping jobs more successful.

  • Make sure the knife you are buying has a blade that is robust enough for cutting through multiple layers of shrink wrap (such as when cutting shrink wrap from a roll).
  • Check the knife has a secure point for attaching a safety lanyard. When working at height it is important to ensure the knife is secured against being accidentally dropped from the scaffolding.
  • Some knives are available with a ‘guarded blade’ that completely protects against accidental cuts. Although this type will only cut through a single sheet thickness of scaffold wrap, they can be useful for sites where the use of open blades is not allowed.

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