Regular Shrink Wrap Tape - White - Box of 12 rolls

Our regular shrink wrap tape or 'patch tape' is a robust polyethylene backed tape with a specially formulated all weather adhesive to bond and hold even at low temperatures or after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Typically used for:
  • Repairing small holes in shrink wrap sheeting (such as might be caused when heat shrinking)
  • Taping along the edge of a join between two sheets of shrink wrap (such as on a shrink wrapped temporary roof cover)
  • Maintaining a seal around a protrusion through the sheeting (such as a scaffold tube)
  • Taping a zipped access door into position on the shrink wrap sheeting
Product information:
  • 100mm wide x 33m long rolls
  • 12 rolls/box
  • FREE DELIVERY to UK mainland for orders over £750


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