Shrink Wrapping Gloves

Shrink wrapping gloves are sometimes known as ‘welding gloves’ or ‘welding gauntlets’ and are used for protecting a scaffold shrink wrap installer’s hands and lower arms when using the propane gas hot air gun to make a weld or join between two pieces of shrink wrap film. Shrink wrapping gloves can also be used whilst heat shrinking the wrap tight.

To find the best gloves for scaffold shrink wrapping always check the following;

  • Do the gloves provide adequate protection for the lower arms as well as the hands?
  • Are the gloves comfortable to wear? Some very cheap brands can feel very stiff and this can make it difficult to hold the heat gun properly.
  • Can you get a specification sheet? Are the gloves CE marked?

Our own installation teams have tried many shrink wrapping gloves over the years. Eventually we decided to design our own glove especially for extended use by professional users. The result is the Rhino Shrink Wrapping glove;

  • Very flexible soft leather for comfort all day
  • Top quality leather gauntlet
  • CE marked
  • FREE DELIVERY to UK mainland for all orders over £250

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